Stuyvesant Plaza - Albany, NY

We just bought this Stuyvesant Plaza because we think there is a ton of potential to create a cool mix. Between our leasing and our design team coming in, we're going to to create a really neat vibe. We’re getting our National Tenant deals wrapped up (Warby, Madewell, Nike, Shake Shack, etc.) which will give an entirely new character and power to the center and allow us the ability to create the cool-small-town atmosphere we have everywhere else. The positioning is perfect along I-87 because it ties together all the great parts of the region (Berkshires, Saratoga, Hudson Valley, Troy, etc) but is also very close to the young families, U Albany, SUNY Nanotech campus. Demographically and culturally, a lot to build on which we are excited about.

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