May 2, 2018

The Boston Globe


Skeleton Key brings upscale luxury to the escape room experience

From left: Richard Jenness, Anne Healy, Chrissy Barrows, Robert Sack and the writer work together in an escape room adventure, set in London, at Skeleton Key in Lynnfield.

LYNNFIELD — We’ve arrived at the Tate Modern in London in the dead of night. Across the Thames, lights from the Palace of Westminster glint off the water. Our mission? Somehow break into the museum, bypass security, and steal Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”


No problem. I’ve assembled a crack team. There’s Jenness and Woods, our communications experts. Healy and Barrows are hackers. Sack is our code breaker.


“We need to find the combo to this padlock,” Healy offers.


“Let’s find the code,” says Sack.

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