May 7, 2018

Modern Luxury


The Road She Travels

Joey Wölffer’s new Palm Beach store is a unique shopping adventure for the luxe traveler in all of us.

Joey Wölffer is contagiously energetic, self-deprecating, and counts humor and authenticity as characteristics that provide the latitude for her to do it all. “I try to get across that I am who I am whether you like it or not.” A self-professed “country girl at heart,” Wölffer says, “I love the city, but thrive in the outdoors and need to have nature around me.”


Along with Wölffer’s second retail store that opened recently at The Royal Poinciana Plaza, spending this past winter in Palm Beach and Wellington allowed the new mother of two daughters (she welcomed her second child in November 2017 with husband Marc) and avid equestrian to oversee her fast-growing lifestyle brand.


Wölffer’s personal style is a blend of luxe global traveler and gypsy-chic, which is also the hallmark of the Joey Wöl er stores —one-of-a- kind dresses, tops and accessories that evoke the jubilation of finding a treasure in a faraway bazaar. The mix is a well-edited yet abundant array of clothing and accessories that provides the ultimate retail therapy because each piece speaks to the never-ending pursuit of an original top to pair with jeans, or the perfect dress that is easy to pack.


The store at The Royal is definitely a retail store worth going back to over and over again. The relaxed vibe and rustic design suggest a casual, approachable —yet slightly exotic—feel. Each piece’s origins and accompanying story make shopping here a unique adventure. It is not just a destination for pieces that will remain relevant for a lifetime, but an experience where you get a taste of what happens when you travel to new places.


Wölffer’s first foray into retail began in 2010 with The Styleliner, an old potato-chip truck filled with unique and one-of-a-kind finds she curated from her global travels. The truck paved the way for her eponymous brick-and-mortar boutique, which she opened in Sag Harbor, N.Y., in 2015.


It’s clear that Wölffer’s work ethic, drive and wanderlust have provided the foundation for her to grow both her family and businesses.

By: Jen Press Marden

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