October 26, 2016

Boston Eater


Yo! Sushi Brings Conveyor Belts of Sushi to Seaport Today

Maki, soup, chicken wings, and so much more

A British-born sushi restaurant is ready to make its grand entrance onto the Boston dining scene. Yo! Sushi brings the brand’s signature conveyor belt serving system and a menu filled with izakaya-style dishes to the bustling Seaport District on Wednesday, October 26, opening its doors at 11 a.m.

Boston’s Yo! Sushi has booth and counter seating, which is separated from the central open kitchen by a circulating conveyor belt that ushers plates and plates of sushi to the tables.

The entire group of Yo! Sushi restaurants is under the auspices of executive chef Mike Lewis, who travels to Japan often to research and gather inspiration for the menu, which consists of much more than sushi. In addition to maki, nigiri, hand rolls, and sashimi, the Yo! Sushi menu includes gyoza, buns, soups, chicken wings, and special dishes like chazuke, which consists of flaked salmon and sea bass with steamed rice, an umami broth, and garnishes.

Other items on Yo! Sushi’s opening menu for Boston include a miso chicken bun; a dish called nanbanzuke, which is a Japanese-style sweet and sour dish with fried yellowtail and pickled vegetables; and an izakaya-style potato salad with pickled vegetables and a karashi mustard mayo dressing. Lewis told Eater there will be specific Boston dishes as well, including lobster options when seasonally appropriate.

Diners can take plates off the conveyor belt or order from servers at the table, and food at Yo! Sushi arrives on seven different colored plates that correspond to specific prices ranging from $3-7. The plates get counted at the end of the meal to calculate the bill.

Yo! Sushi’s Boston restaurant is the first stand-alone restaurant in the United States. Other locations in Florida, New Jersey, and New York can be found in malls. Yo! Sushi is right next door to the new Shake Shack. It has secured a beer and wine license and is in the midst of getting approval to serve.

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